Mumbai at a glance

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mumbai at a glance🤓

1. If you are a real Mumbaikar and away from Mumbai, you get sentimental even if you hear words like Chembur; Dadar; Andheri, Bandra.

2. Mumbai - the only city where people no matter what language, religion and caste, express frustration by saying *'chyayla'*😁

3. The only place where even bus conductor motivates us "chalo aage badho"😇

4. For Mumbaikars - Burger bole toh bakwaas, vada pav bole toh jhakaas.👌🏻

5. Mumbaikars - we will stand in empty trains and will fight for seat in crowded ones. 🤔

6. Mumbai - A city where people come to make their career and end up making their life. 😎

7. A city with blend of different people and three things, *'pudhil station', 'agla station', and 'next station'*😇

8. Slow local trains - the one which halts at all stations

Fast trains - the one which halts in between stations.🙃

9. *Everything is fair in love, war and local trains*.

10. You never say you are angry. You say *"dimaag ka dahi ho gaya hai"*😅🤣

11. Mumbaikar to auto wala - Sakinaka chaloge? Auto wala - nahi. Mumbaikar - saale Dubai chalega? 😆

12. Some words we use often - *waat lagayi, aai shapath, pandu, faadu, , party to banti hai, kat le, jhol,  ek number*.☺

13. Local trains are the only place in Mumbai where men are more civilized than women.😌

14. In India we drive on the left of the road. In Mumbai we drive on what is left of the road.😂🚗😂

15. That awesome moment when in local trains you don't have to move towards the exit, you are simply pushed towards it by the crowd.😁

16. While giving directions you say right / left maaro aur waahan pe ek bridge girega.😉

17. If Borivali passenger gets into a Virar fast train, that's a *serious crime* boss. 😳🔫

18. Once you survive in a Mumbai local during journey from VT to Kalyan or vice versa during peak hours, you can survive anywhere in the world. 😎

19. Train timings (7.27, 8.49 etc) are really important events of life.☝🏻

20. In every local train journey you will find at least one person asking _"arey yeh platform kis taraf aayega?"_😅

21. No salsa, hiphop, moon walk, B'boying or jazz can beat our visarjan dance. 💃🏼🕺🏻

22. No Starbucks Coffee can beat of our own cutting chai.☕😎

23. Nobody remains *"untouched"* once you enter Virar / Karjat fast local. 🚅

24. 99% fast trains halt at Goregaon station, but still not indicated...😁

25. We dont understand "humko and tumko". We prefer *"tereko and mereko"* 🤣

26. Second class ticket Rs 9 and first class ticket Rs 104. No difference. You can't sit in either. 😆

27. Getting a Virar fast train🚅 from Andheri / Borivali during peak hours is more difficult than getting into IIT and IIM.🙃

28. Aur yahan Mumbai mein ghadi⌚ sab ke pas hai, lekin time kisi ke pas nahi hai.

Yeh hai Mumbai Meri Jaan....

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