Diwali is coming

Friday, October 10, 2014

Diwali is coming..

When u shop & come back avoid talking about ur purchases in the rick / taxi in which u travel. The driver will feel bad because he can't buy the same for his kids.

When u burst firecrackers, give some to ur watchman so he can give it to his kids. u dont need so many anyways.

When u ask ur maid to clean the house stand besides her & help her with her work, she will be cleaning two houses this diwali.

When u make some sweets give it to the kachra vala who come to ur house, so he may have something nice to hold for a change.

We will surely have a Happy & a Prosperous Diwali, there are other people less fortunate than us, who won't. Don't make them feel that. Include them in ur love.

This diwali don't just increase Diabeties, pollution & ur credit card bills. Increase smiles.

Make sum1 smile dis diwali !

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